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300 tons four-column hydraulic press
  • YSK-300B

  • 八达

Product Description

YSK A/B series four-column hydraulic press

Product Description

The four models of YSK A/B series are suitable for the rolling, embossing, forming of metal sheets and the shallow drawing process of plastic sheets.

For example: the pressing of watch cases, watch bottom covers, watch straps, various gold and silver jewelry, badges, and commemorative coins. It is also suitable for the molding of various tableware and lighting and the correction and pressing of parts.


YSK  A/B series four-column hydraulic press parameters
project  Item unit  
Specification  Specification
Nominal pressure  Nominal  Force Tonf 300
Maximum stroke of working slide  Slider  Stroke mm 150
Working area opening height  Opening  Height mm 400
Working slider speed  
Slider  Speed
fast forward  Fast  Upward mm/s 120
Return trip  Return mm/s 110
Effective dimensions of work surface  
Worktable  Size
about  LR mm 580
before and after  FB mm 600
Workbench height from ground  Worktable  Height  from  Ground mm 920
Maximum ejection force of return cylinder  Ejector  Force kg/f 5
Maximum ejection stroke of return cylinder  Ejector  Stroke mm 20
Hydraulic system pressure  System  Pressure MPa 22
Motor Power  Motor  Power KW 7.5
Machine dimensions
Overall  Dimension  
about  LR mm 1450
before and after  FB mm 1060
high  Height mm 1620
Machine weight  Weight KG 5000

Remarks: 1. Technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice; 2. YSK-A does not have a material return device, and YSK-B does.



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