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  • 2023-11-30

    Pollution and harm of hydraulic oil
    1. Water is mixed into the oil 1. The way of water in the oil (1) The oil tank cap condenses the water in the air into water drops in the oil due to the alternations of cold and hot. (2) The seal of the cooler or heat exchanger is damaged or the cooling pipe is broken so that the water leaks into the oil. (3) The wet air entering the system through the hydraulic cylinder piston rod seal is not tight and condenses into water droplets. (4) When using oil, the moisture of the person and the water absorbed by the oil when exposed to the wet environment and the hydrophilic cooperation with water. 2. (1) After a certain amount of water is mixed into the oil, the hydraulic oil will be emulsified in a white turbid state. If the anti-emulsification ability of the hydraulic oil itself is poor, after a period of time, the water can not be separated from the oil, so that the oil is always in a white turbid state. This white emulsified oil enters the hydraulic system, which not only rusts the hydra
  • 2023-11-30

    Use and safe operation of hydraulic press
    Uses of hydraulic press: It is widely used in the processing of spare parts in the automobile industry and the shaping, blanking, calibration of various products in various industries, as well as the pressing, embodiments and forming of parts of shoes, handbags, rubber, molds, shafts and bushings, the bending, embodiments and sleeve drawing of plate parts, etc. Washing machine, motor, automobile motor, air conditioning motor, micro motor, servo motor, wheel manufacturing, shock absorber, motorcycle and machinery industries. Safe operation of the oil press: The operator of the oil press must be trained to master the performance and operation technology of the equipment before he can work independently. Before operation, all kinds of debris on the mold should be cleaned first, and any dirt on the hydraulic press rod should be wiped. The installation mold of the hydraulic press must be carried out in the case of power failure, and it is forbidden to collide the start button, the handle an
  • 2023-11-30

    Y28 series double action sheet drawing hydraulic press performance characteristics
    ★ Computer optimized structure design, four-column structure is simple, economical and practical; The frame structure has the advantages of good rigidity, high precision and strong anti-biased load ability. ★ Hydraulic control adopts plug-in basic system, reliable operation, long service life, small hydraulic impact, reducing continuous pipelines and leakage points. ★ The electrical system controlled by imported PLc has compact structure, sensitive work, reliable and good flexibility; The relay control system is reliable, intuitive and easy to maintain. ★ Through the selection of the operation panel, not only can you achieve two forms of fixed range and fixed pressure, but also can realize the three process working cycles of pad, pad and ejector. Application field is suitable for stretching, bending, forming, blanking, flanging and other stamping processes, especially for the following fields: ★ Auto parts: body covering parts, brake pads, fuel tanks, chassis, axle housing, bumper; ★ H
  • 2023-11-30

    The viscosity and precautions of hydraulic oil in the use of four-column hydraulic press
    For four-column hydraulic press, the viscosity of hydraulic oil has a lot of big impact on the working state of a machine, then, what impact does the viscosity of hydraulic oil have on the work of the hydraulic system? Viscosity is one of the most important performance indexes of hydraulic oil. Whether it is reasonable or not has a significant impact on the motion stability, working reliability and sensitivity, system efficiency, power consumption, cavitation phenomenon, temperature rise and wear of the hydraulic press plant system. For example, when the viscosity of hydraulic oil is high, the flow resistance of hydraulic oil will increase, and the flow speed will slow down; Due to friction loss, the consumption of r power is increased. Increasing pressure drops on valves and lines reduces the efficiency of the system, and also creates leaks due to increased friction, which increases the oil temperature. If the hydraulic viscosity is low, it will inevitably increase the leakage loss, a
  • 2023-11-30

    Hydraulic pump damage causes and repair methods
    After the hydraulic pump of the hydraulic press is used for a certain period of time, the parts of the hydraulic pump will be damaged by wear, resulting in the movement accuracy and working performance of the pump will be reduced, and the oil pressure will not go up, the oil supply will be reduced, the noise will increase, the vibration will increase and other abnormal phenomena. These images are often symptoms of wear or damage to hydraulic pump parts. Once the parts of the hydraulic pump are worn and exceed the allowable deviation, they must be repaired and restored in time, so that the hydraulic pump can get the due accuracy and working performance again. In some cases, skilled operators, through sophisticated repair and assembly, can even improve the performance of the hydraulic pump. Hydraulic pump damage There are a variety of reasons for hydraulic pump damage, but in essence, there are mainly the following two kinds of 1. The wear of hydraulic pump parts, like the parts of any e
  • 2023-11-30

    Why the four-column hydraulic press action failure?
    Active maintenance emphasizes routine inspection and correction of root causes that would otherwise lead to equipment failure. In the case of hydraulic systems, there are three easily detectable symptoms that give the staff of the hydraulic press manufacturer an early warning of the underlying cause of the condition. These symptoms are abnormal noise, high fluid temperature and slow operation. Abnormal noise Abnormal noise in hydraulic systems is often caused by inflation or cavitation. During aeration, air contaminates the hydraulic oil. The air in the hydraulic fluid makes an amazing tapping or pounding sound when it compresses and decompresses as it passes through the circulatory system. Other symptoms include foamy fluid and erratic actuator movement. Aeration accelerates the degradation of fluids and causes damage to system components through loss of lubrication, overheating and burning of seals. Access to the hydraulic system through the pump inlet. For this reason, it is importa
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