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Zhongshan Wanda Mechanical Automation Technology Co., Ltd/Zhongshan Paktat Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

       Zhongshan Wanda Mechanical Automation Technology Co., Ltd/ Zhongshan Paktat Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd was established in 1986 and 2016. Is the production of various types of hydraulic press professional manufacturers, through more than 30 years of continuous efforts, innovation has accumulated a wealth of high-end, multi-functional hydraulic press production, design, research and development technology experience, R & D, production capacity has reached 2-50000T level. Especially our high-tech products such as: ultra high pressure servo precision CNC hydraulic press, precision CNC hot press, frame precision servo CNC hydraulic press, precision CNC bending machine, double action drawing machine. Favored by the majority of users.
       Our company is a national high-tech enterprise, a small and medium-sized enterprise of science and technology in Guangdong Province, Zhongshan Engineering Technology Research Center; Industry-university-research Cooperation Base, Institute of Advanced Engineering Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Zhongshan City; Intellectual property management system certification enterprises; 2014 annual equipment manufacturing industry research special "Research and development of new precision CNC hydraulic press" main undertaking enterprises, in 2016 to participate in the development of national standards GB/T 39958-2021 CNC punching machine, GB/T 39746-2021 CNC bus processing machine standards, The two national standards will be implemented on October 01, 2021. In recent years, we have obtained more than 60 effective intellectual property rights, and truly become a knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive, and talent gathering technology enterprise.
         The company's main processing equipment are: Such as large precision CNC vertical lathe, large precision CNC floor boring machine, large CNC gantry milling machine, large CNC gantry grinding machine, domestic well-known large lathe, large cylindrical grinding machine, a total of more than 40 sets, with nearly 100 production employees, all kinds of technical backbone more than 30 people, set up independent research and development center, Completely independent design, research and development, production of various models within the range of 2T-50000T, widely used in various industries, "Wanda" "Bada" hydraulic press this brand of hydraulic press products have been all over the country, exported to Europe, America, Japan, Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, India, China Taiwan and other more than 50 countries and regions, well received by users.
       With advanced and exquisite design team and professional and efficient finishing technology, as well as skilled and standardized assembly team, the company has developed and manufactured nine series, more than 200 kinds of specifications of servo precision CNC hydraulic press, automatic production line and whole plant solutions. The machine is widely used in military, aviation, aerospace, new energy, photovoltaic, wind power, household appliances, auto and motorcycle parts and other industries. Such as semiconductor products in the integrated circuit, secondary tube and other photoelectric components, new energy vehicle IGBT radiator, LED lamp radiator cold forging, warm forging forming; New energy magnesium, aluminum, titanium alloy precision forging forming, auto and motorcycle accessories gear precision cold extrusion forming; Precision calendering, stamping, forming, straightening, trimming, punching and other processes of large molding products such as household double bottom pot (pot), large Marine rigging, large ship parts, special titanium plates, stainless steel and other large molding products such as large powder products.
        The company spirit of "first-class quality, first-class service" purpose, is willing to work with you all the way, create a better tomorrow!
Zhongshan Wanda Mechanical Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhongshan Paktat Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

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